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We offer premium customer service for any issue. Did your jar or product arrive damaged or leaking during shipment, or it just did not match your expectations?  Reach out to us any time and we’ll make things right for you.


Our products are developed in an FDA-approved professional food facility, with modern Research & Development equipment, and capabilities that quickly allow fast manufacturing of new and cutting edge food products.


Our best selling products are also available on, and we plan to expand to retail once we find ideal stores that specialize in premium products.

Until then, feel free to order from us online. We offer plenty of free shipping options, and stellar customer service in case something goes wrong.


At one point in life, I found myself to be a morbidly obese man hitting 300 lbs at my peak. Primarily due to my binge eating habits.

Using my background in food science, combined with the power of artificial intelligence that can learn how to formulate cutting-edge/modern food ingredients, I started to experiment and develop foods that push the mathematical envelope with flavor, satisfaction, and satiety levels, while keeping calories as low as possible.

One year after hitting my peak weight, I finally learned to manage my eating habits, develop a positive relationship with food, intuitively learn to manage my caloric intake, and finally settle at 190lbs (a weight that I am currently happy with).

Join my journey to continue to own my hunger, using cutting edge foods designed to replace specific foods that gave me most craving problems (e.g., peanut butter being one of the worst culprits) with lower calorie versions. All without feeling deprived, leaving unusual aftertastes in your mouth, or feeling like you ate some sort of bland, flavor-less “diet food” that ends up making you want to eat more.

Those who have joined the mission to own their hunger are from all walks of life: anyone seeking to maintain a healthy and sustainable daily caloric goals, elite athletes who track their macros down to decimal points, volume eaters seeking foods with optimal flavor:calorie ratios, diabetics and immunocompromised individuals who need to manage their blood sugar levels (all our foods are 1g of sugar or less per serving) and/or fat intake levels, and anyone who simply want to enjoy an intuitive eating lifestyle without constantly worrying about calories.

I hope my mission helps you OWN your hunger and ultimately develop a healthy and loving relationship with all foods.

Ruz Safai
Founder and Chief Food Scientist,
OWN Your Hunger Inc.