Nutrition Facts and Calculations

How are these products so low in calories, but still taste like full calorie equivalents?

We use combinations of EPG (a plant-based modern fat replacer that has a fraction of calories than regular, fully digestible fats), low-calorie natural sweeteners consisting of Allulose and Monk Fruit that mimic sugar, and premium ingredients such as whole vanilla beans that have maximum flavor. With this combination, we are able to reduce calories by half while maintaining nearly all the flavor and texture of foods that are normally calorie dense.

Why am I calculating higher calories than what’s listed on the Nutrition Facts?

Correct calculations in our products consider Fats with EPG (a novel fat replacer) at 0.7 calories/gram, and Carbohydrates, mostly commonly in the form of indigestible fiber and natural sweeteners such as Allulose, at 0.4 calories/gram.

A common error when calculating calories from carbohydrates is to count all types as 4 calories/gram. Although that is correct for most starches and sugars, it is not correct for rare carbohydrates such as Allulose at 0.4 calories/gram, or indigestible fibers that are not absorbed, and are effectively 0 calories/gram.

For example, the calories from carbohydrates is correctly calculated as:
8 grams of Carbohydrates = 2 grams of Fiber (0 calories/gram) + 6 grams of Allulose (0.4 calories/gram) = 2.4 calories from carbohydrates. Incorrectly calculating carbohydrates as sugars/starches results in an incorrect 32 calories from carbohydrates.

When using these correct values in your calculations, the expected results will match what’s on the label.

Are these products Kosher?

We do not use any non-kosher ingredients in our products. However, we will eventually work with a certification body to display the Kosher logo.

Are these products Keto?

A ketogenic diet consists of an overall intake of reduced levels of digestible carbohydrates (roughly 20g per day), and is not specific to any product. All our products have minimal net carbs and nearly zero sugar. This effectively makes them compatible with Ketogenic diets, and contain ingredients that will not kick you out of ketosis.

Some of your products contain Soluble Corn Fiber! That’s not Keto!

Our products contain minimal levels of added fiber primarily to improve texture  (less than 0.5%) in the form of Resistant-Dextrin Fiber, which is a “true” fiber recognized by the FDA with minimal caloric value and results in no blood sugar spikes.

In contrast, many manufacturers use misleading terms for ingredients that are actually “fake fibers” such as IMO (Iso-Malto-Oligosaccharide) or “Soluble Tapioca Fiber” that are actually sugars in disguise and will raise blood sugar levels. Our products do not ever include such ingredients.

Are your products safe for diabetics or those with glucose sensitivities?

We do not use any ingredient that is known to spike blood sugar levels (including fake fibers such as IMO that are essentially dextrose). If any of our products raises your blood sugars to a level past 125 mg/dL with reasonable serving amounts, please let us know and we will investigate, and offer a full refund if necessary. 

Is this a weight loss product?

Weight loss (through non-surgical methods) can only be achieved by maintaining a consistent and reasonable level of a calorie deficit over a period of time. Our products are designed to be used as everyday foods, and due to their lower calorie and minimal sugar content, are naturally compatible with many specialized diet plans that require control of macronutrient levels.

Product Usage

Why are my spreads are liquid, or hard as a rock?

Our spreads are temperature sensitive, and designed to be creamy after leaving them at room temperature for 24 hours.

If your spread arrives as a liquid due to shipping in hot temperatures, simply leave it in a cool pantry for 24 hours, refrigerate for 15-20 minutes, give the entire jar a good stir, and it will go back to its creamy texture. We generally ship the Peanut Butter spread in a slightly firm state, which will naturally soften by itself in a few weeks.

If your spread arrives very firm due to shipping in cold temperatures, turn the jar upside down, leave it in a warmer environment for 24 hours, give the entire jar a good stir, and it will go back to its creamy texture.

How do I store the spreads?

Our spreads are best kept in a pantry that is room temperature, and refrigeration is not necessary (or recommended). As long as a clean utensil is used to remove product from the jar, they can be stored in a pantry for about 3 months after opening, or until the expiry date printed on the jar if unopened.

Can I eat a full jar in one sitting?

Although a full jar of our half calorie spreads works out to around 1100 calories (which is not an exorbitantly high amount, considering a typical restaurant meal can easily have equal or more calories), we do not recommend consuming the entire jar in one sitting. Consuming significant amounts of any food with high fat content, including our spreads, can lead to indigestion and an upset stomach.  

Orders and Returns

My order came damaged. How do I get a replacement?

Please send us an email to [email protected] along with any photo showing the extent of the damage, and a replacement will be sent to you free of charge. All spreads come with a red tamper-proof seal that is nearly impossible to remove without leaving a mark, so as long as that is intact, you can be assured it has not been opened by anyone after leaving the factory.

Who should I to contact if I have any queries?

We can be reached at [email protected] as well as on Instagram at @ownyourhunger.

Do you offer promo/coupon codes?

We prefer to display the true price our products, rather than rely on marketing gimmicks. Instead of promo codes, we offer free shipping, and offer a subscription on Amazon where you can save up to 15% on your third and consecutive purchase by enabling a subscription (and cancelling it any time).

How Can I Cancel Or Change My Order?

We can cancel most orders within 1 hour, but by that time our fulfillment center may have already packed and shipped your product. In any case, please let us know at [email protected] and we will arrange a way to return the packages.

How Do I Track My Order?

Tracking links will be automatically emailed within 24 hours of your order.