Careers and Opportunities

OWN Your Hunger is a cutting edge, fast growing, food technology company that pushes the limits in every category. If you have, focused, world-class experience in any of the following areas and consider yourself at the top of the game, we would like to hear from you.

Director of Retail Sales

OWN is looking to expand its sales channels into retail stores, and seeking an experienced team player with a proven track record.

You are someone with a deep understanding of how retail stores operate, and know all about shelving fees, product placement, distributors, and wholesalers.

Conversely, this role requires far beyond getting into a handful of random “ma and pa” stores, or you knowing someone at a local gym that will put a box out for promotion.

The successful candidate will have the following “must haves”:

  • An existing list of key contacts and accounts with category buyers of mid-sized chain stores and national fitness or grocery stores.
  • Experience with being a distributor for other brands, or as a former category buyer that has worked closely with distributors.
  • Negotiated and at managed at least 3 SKU’s with a nation-wide wholesaler such as KeHE or UNFI.
  • Managed and/or led a small team of retail sales personnel

Director of Online Branding

OWN is looking for a world-class brand expert to identify and market to specific consumer segments.

You are someone who has a proven track record of building a brand from scratch, either for a consumer-facing Fortunate 500 company, or have launched your own product/brand with some degree of success (e.g. resulting in it at least being a sustainable business).

To clarify, we receive many applicants who often confuse this role with what is considered traditional marketing, such as posting a few ads on social media, having a handful of influencer acquaintances on social media who can vouch for a product, knowing a small group of personal connection that is relevant to market to, etc. Although that it is still technically “marketing”, the successful applicant for this has a true understanding that modern brand building is highly dynamic, often based on fast-emerging trends, is aware of why things go viral, and makes extensive use of analytics and split testing to maximize return on investments.

The successful candidate will have the following “must haves”:

  • Developed a successful marketing strategy for a brand or product with over $10million in yearly revenue
  • ¬†Alternatively, you have branded and marketed at least¬† $1million for a product you developed
  • Ran successful ad campaigns on Amazon, Facebook, or TikTok with at least a net profit return of +15%

If any of these roles describe you, we would love to hear from you at [email protected]