How It Works

Satisfy your peanut butter cravings without guilt with the world’s first true peanut butter replacement. No compromise in taste or texture, made with our new, patented, plant-based fat. Equivalent to 2 SmartPoints®* per tablespoon.
*SmartPoints® values were calculated by OWN and are not an endorsement or approval by Weight Watcher’s®/WW® Inc, the owner of the SmartPoints® registered trademark.

The first ever peanut butter replacement that actually tastes nearly identical to other "smooth" or "creamy" brands that have twice the calories, added sugars, and palm oils. You can now experience the full peanut butter flavor and experience that sticks to the roof of your mouth, without resorting to mixing peanut powder with water, or rely on artificial imitation peanut butters with a long list of strange ingredients in order to cut the calories in half.

Lower Calorie Creations

Transform your Peanut Butter favorite treats to healthier versions. Don’t hold back the peanut butter!

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