Maximum Flavor. Half the Calories.

OWN Your Hunger with high volume, full flavor recreations of your favorite indulgences in half the calories (compared to their full-calorie versions). Made with ultra-premium ingredients, less than 1g sugar, no artificial sweeteners with odd aftertastes, and no palm oils.


Dessert bars with the full flavor and experience of your guilty indulgences (e.g. peanut butter cups, etc.), with the macros of a sugar-free protein bar. We pushed the limits to create the ultimate volume dessert that lets you own your hunger in the most delicious way possible, in the least amount of calories.

$2.50/Wondersquare (12 squares/box).
Free shipping until Dec. 31, 2022.

Wondersquares are open for orders every Sunday at 4PM Pacific/7PM Eastern Time. New product launches are in limited quantities and typically sell out in less than 4 hours.

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All the taste of the peanut butter and hazelnut butters you grew up with, in half the calories, all the taste and experience, and half the PersonalPoints®* (only 3 points, instead of 6, per 2 tablespoons).

*PersonalPoints® values are independently calculated by OWN and provided for convenience. We do not imply any endorsement, approval, or affiliation with Weight Watcher’s®/WW® Inc, the owner of the SmartPoints® registered trademark.

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How does it taste? Unbelievable.

But don’t take our word for it. Hear it from genuine, unbiased, and unaffiliated food industry reviewers and critics. Or read the numerous honest reviews on the world’s largest online retailer that begins with the letter ‘A’ and ends in ‘n’ (our agreement with them requires us not to mention their name).

How Is This Possible?

Our calorie magic is made possible by replacing the bland, nutrition-less, high calorie oil portion of nuts (9 calories/gram) with a revolutionary patented plant-based fat having only 0.7 calories/gram. With this unique process we can toss the high-calorie fat (and the sugar while we are at it) and keep all the flavor and texture of high calorie foods you normally crave.

If it sounds too good to be true, let us introduce you to a world of dramatically reduced calories with EPG, a new type of fat that with full FDA approval (with related studies if you are a nutrition science nerd like us and really curious) so you can focus on enjoying eating delicious foods.