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Our latest cutting edge volume food: a dessert square with the full flavor and experience of your guilty indulgences, with the macros of a sugar-free protein bar. We pushed the limits to create the ultimate volume dessert that lets you own your hunger in the most delicious way possible, in the least amount of calories.


100-calorie, high protein, high-volume protein desserts designed to crush your cravings with unbelievable macros.

1 Box – $30 ($2.50/Wondersquare)
2 Boxes – $54 ($2.25/Wondersquare), Free Shipping
3 Boxes – $75 ($2.08/Wondersquare), Free Shipping

Based on the previous week's demand, we predict stock will run out in:


Wonderspread orders are temporary disabled to maintain website performance for Wondersquares, and will be back in a few hours after 7PM Eastern.